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Preparing To Sell A Home in Orange County: Tips On How To Begin The Real Estate Selling Process. List your home for sale with trusted Realtors Bruce Clark & the Clark Group - 949-285-1207.


Selling a home involves many different people and processes: these could include multiple sellers, buyers, real estate agents, lenders, escrow and title, couriers, notaries, lawyers, accountants, inspectors, appraisers, homeowner associations, county and city officials, including tax authorities.

This is why it is so important to choose your real estate agent carefully: they will be the ones on whom all information is funneled through. It is incumbent on them to work aggressively to protect your interests. as in all investments, access to current, accurate information is critical to making an informed decision, which is why we use the latest technologies to monitor pricing, inventories, pricing gaps, and many other factors. To schedule a private meeting with us regarding your home or leasing a home click here.

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For the past few years, the real estate market has been pretty hot - and nowhere more so than in Southern California. But now, buyers are being more cautious - which is but one more reason to select The Clark Group and Coldwell Banker to market you home for sale. We bring over 25 years of experience in selling homes, all the while experiencing strong growth. We are the #1 luxury real estate broker in Orange County. But we do more than boast about being #1: we prove it. (The Clark Group has been recognized for it's outstanding marketing by one of a leading internet real estate sites,, with the Real Estate Online Marketing Award of Excellence". We look forward to working with you on the sale of your home.)

The Bruce Clark from the Clark Group and Coldwell Banker: leaders in Orange County luxury home sales. Fact is, being #1 doesn't just happen by accident: the Clark Group and Coldwell Banker spend more annually marketing homes for sale. In other words, we spend money marketing your home for sale, not just hoping it will sell. Why trust your most valuable financial asset to anyone else? Click here to schedule a private consultation with the Clark Group today, or call us at 949-285-1207.

More reasons to choose the Clark Group to market your home for sale: as in all investments, access to current, accurate information is critical to making an informed decision, which is why we use the latest technologies to monitor pricing, inventories, pricing gaps, and many other factors. We have a team of highly-trained professionals available to service all your needs: from residential to commercial real estate, call us at 949-285-1207 to discuss working with the Clark Group.

Here are the key steps to selling a home and how Bruce Clark Coldwell Banker can help make the process easier.

Step One: Initial Seller Consultation


We sit down with you and discuss your needs and, if you decide to sell, how the Clark Group and Coldwell Banker will market your home to the largest number of buyers. To schedule a private consultation and learn more about our successfull sellers marketing system, click here.

Step Two: Your Home Could Be Worth More Than You Think!


Get help in establishing the right asking price based on numbers and facts. Asking too much for your property might ultimately be more costly than asking too little. Reason: If the listing price is too high, chances are you'll miss out on buyers looking in the price range where your home should be. Add in the fact that potential buyers might not even find your home when searching for it. Plus, buyers may be scared off by the price, which means you've lost exposure to a large group of potential buyers. Many times, it is too late to make a price correction, which causes your home to go unsold. (Cardinal rule: Don't select an agent based on price and commission: "buying a listing" is something The Clark Group will never do.)

Best way to price your home for sale is using facts - and only the Clark Group and Coldwell Banker have real time market analysis called Market Direction. Plus, one should use a professionally prepared Home Valuation Analysis Report (CMA), which is available at no charge from Bruce Clark. To request a FREE CMA, click here.

Step Three: Superior Marketing and Complete Regional Coverage


Benefit from the nation’s strongest marketing program. We are the only real estate broker that covers Southern California with this kind of marketing power. To learn how we'll help you and why we sell more homes, click here.

Step Four: Simplify The Closing Process


the Clark Group and Coldwell Banker are here to help make the escrow and closing process proceed as quickly and smoothly as possibe by provding in-house services such as title, escrow and lending. We also utilize the services of a Transaction Coordinator for every sale - and NEVER at a charge to you. Plus, we will help you find the right mover, and even remind you to have the utilities disconnected (our complementary "Concierge Service"! We go out of our way to make your home selling process go as smoothly - and quickly - as possible. To learn about how the Clark Group can help, click here.

Other Steps: Moving to a New Area
If you're moving somewhere else in the U.S. or internationally, our award-winning Relocation Team helps make the transition easier. We have partners nationwide prepared to take special care of you and your real estate needs. To learn about the benefits of Coldwell Banker Relocation, click here.

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Learn about selling real estate.

Knowledge is very important to selling a home - and selecting the right broker and Realtor to market your home for sale is critical. Before listing your home for sale, learn all you can about the selling process. Ask questions of all prospective Realtors. From how your home is marketed for sale, to appraisals to educating oneself about the closing process, the best defense against any surprises is knowledge.

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